Health Sci Scholarship

In conjunction with La Trobe University’s Rural School of Health, in 2014, the Club launched a Health Science scholarship.

This scholarship is valued in the thousands of dollars, and allows a rurally based student to reside in Bendigo whilst they complete their studies at the local campus.

This is a relatively new initiative of the Club, with proceeds for the scholarship being raised through a major raffle last year.

A gala night was held at the local campus of La Trobe University to launch the scholarship.

It is envisaged that each year that this scholarship is awarded, the recipient will return to the Club to speak about their studies to date.

Rotarian Lindsay Jackson launches the Health Science scholarship in 2014 at La Trobe University. The mascot for the night was a leadbeater’s possum (our major raffle item to raise funds for the award was a painting of a leadbeater’s possum).

Rotarians from across the seven Bendigo clubs enjoy the night, launching the Health Science scholarship at La Trobe.