The Rotary Club of Bendigo South gives out multiple scholarships to local students at a secondary school level.

These scholarships are each named after much-loved and respected current and former members of the Club.

Each scholarship is worth a significant sum of money, which can be used to fund textbooks or other study related purposes as a student moves from Year 10 into Year 11. The Club also offers a music bursary to students of Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

Each year, past recipients return to the Club to speak to members on how their scholarship has been valuable to them in their schooling, as well as to discuss their hopes and dreams for the future.

Currently schools which receive scholarships from the Club include:

  • Catholic College Bendigo
  • Bendigo South East
  • Crusoe College
  • East Loddon Prep-12
  • Girton Grammar
  • Bendigo Senior Secondary College (Music Bursary)


Health Sci Scholarship

In conjunction with La Trobe University’s Rural School of Health, in 2014, the Club launched a Health Science scholarship. This scholarship is valued in the thousands of dollars, and allows a rurally based student to...
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Motor Neuron Disease Research

Since April 2006 The Rotary Club of Bendigo South has been in a joint partnership arrangement with Australian Rotary Health and The Florey Institute to fund PhD studies into the cause and a cure for Motor...
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