International Projects

The Rotary Club of Bendigo South supports overseas projects to help improve the lives of people in developing or disadvantaged countries.

Some of the projects and areas which our Club has assisted include:

  • Providing scholarships to 4 girls in Maubisse, Timor Leste, so they can attend secondary school from Year 10 through to Year 12
  • With the support of 3 other Rotary Clubs in Bendigo, collecting knitted jumpers and ponchos from enthusiastic knitters to send to Timor Leste to keep small children warm in mountainous regions
  • Financially supporting Developing Skills Organisation school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, by providing¬† training to teachers plus paying part of their annual salaries
  • Supporting Urgent Food Aid in Cambodia through the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh
  • Giving donations¬† to the Seven Women project in Nepal after hosting a fundraising documentary film night
  • Supporting the Natalia project, which was established so that Natalia could come to Australia from West Papua for major corrective surgery to her face

The projects outlined above are just a few of the many current and past International projects our Club and its members have achieved over the years.