Club Officials

Club Board Members

  1. President
    Merlyn Quaife AM
  2. Secretary
    Paul Gibbons
  3. Treasurer
    Greg Noonan
  4. Club Service
    Rod Spitty
  5. Membership / Program
    Tony Plant
  6. Community Service
    Zoe Pocock
  7. Youth Services 
    Kay McLaughlin
  8. International
    Heather Nixon

Key Club Positions and Roles

  • Protection Officer – Geoff McKinna
  • Rotary Foundation  – Peter Kilpatrick
  • Vocational Service – TBA
  • Media – Matthew Scott
  • SignPost Editor  – Sue Duncan 
  • Major Projects, Finance and Fundraising – Gary Pinner
  • Sergeant – at – Arms – Gary Pinner 

[Clubs must elect a Sergeant-at-Arms as a club officer, who may be a member of the Board if specified in the By-laws.  The Sergeant-At-Arms ‘maintains order in club meetings’ and our Club does not make a practice of having regular sergeant sessions.]

The Rotary Club of Bendigo South Board for 2019/ 20. Please note that not all members could be present on Changeover night when this photo was taken. 


Past Presidents

1959-60 Les Harris 1960-61 Alan Fraser 1961-62 John Corbett 1962-63 Ian McHardy 1963-64 Bill Ashman 1964-65 Jack Bright 1965-66 Len Knox 1966-67 Alex Fraser 1967-68 George Ellis 1968-69 Harol Macdonald [dec] / George Ellis 1969-70 Neville...
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