Final year for the Bendigo Olive Fiesta

March 30 2012

After a very successful five year run, it was recently decided that this year (2012) would be the final year of the Bendigo Olive and Food Fiesta.

The Olive and Food Fiesta was an event which both the Rotary Clubs of Bendigo South and Bendigo Strathdale thoroughly enjoyed hosting for the Bendigo community, and visitors to the region.

Throughout the many years that the Olive Fiesta was run, countless community groups benefited from funds raised from the event.

Like all good things in life, it is best to ‘go out whilst on top’.

The Rotary Clubs of Bendigo South and Bendigo Strathdale would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those people and organisations who made five years of the Bendigo Olive Fiesta as successful as they were. This includes the stall holders who sold goods on the day, musicians who played music on the day, guest presenters and volunteers who also assisted in the running of the Olive Fiesta program.

Another major Rotary fundraiser is currently in the initial stages of planning, and if you have any ideas or suggestions for such an event, please let either of the hosting Rotary clubs know.